Our vegan friendly natural face balm is perfect for firming and plumping up skin.
Give a gift that will make them glow. A luxurious facial balm that gentle on skin and doesn't contain essential oils.
  • Limited Edition SET - Worth £28.50 - INCLUDES:
  • Pure And Simple: A luxurious face balm packed with vitamins and minerals.
    Size: 60ml

  • Jade Facial Roller: Use the roller with your Pure And Simple to help reduce marks and wrinkles.
  • £25.00
    Pack just the essentials with our unique body and foot balms to nourish and protect your skin.
  • Summer Collection Set - INCLUDES:
  • Hawaii Kukui: A luxurious body balm that deeply hydrates the skin without leaving it greasy. It is great for soothing burns and repairing skin.
    Size: 60ml

  • Tea Tree Breeze: A delightful foot balm filled with the natural scent of tea tree, lavender, lemon and bergamot essential oils. This wonderful balm helps revive and restore your skin.
    Size: 60ml
  • £29.99
    A Fruity body balm that locks in moisture and refreshes your skin, the combination of oils blend together to leave your skin feeling fabulous.
    A hydrating non-greasy foot balm, which helps revive and restore tired feet. The beautiful velvety smooth texture of the shea butter and olive oil which effortlessly melts into your skin.
    Keep your skin silky-smooth with our nourishing vegan hand and foot balms.
  • Limited Edition SET - Worth £35.50 - INCLUDES:
  • Cleanseptic: This vegan antiseptic hand balm has been specially developed to soften and moisturise dry hands as well as protecting them from bacteria.

  • PeppermintAmint: A luxurious vegan foot balm. Let the fresh, clean menthol vapors invigorate your feet and whisking away the stresses of your day.

  • Pumice Stone: Totally hypoallergenic, non toxic, eco friendly and safe for skin.
  • £25.50
    This Vegan friendly hydrating balm, helps revive and smooth skin. The beautiful velvety smooth texture of the shea butter and argon oil which effortlessly brightens your skin.